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In light of news of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) situation, Clarity Singapore has decided to postpone the BRAVE Catholic Youth Mental Health Conference until further notice. Stay tuned for more updates.

Date:   22 February 2020 
Time:   9am – 6.30pm (Registration opens at 8am)
Venue:   Caritas Singapore – Agape Village
    7A Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319264
Tickets:   $20 ($10 for students)

Registration is required for all participants. Walk-ins will not be accepted.

Programme Outline

* Please note some of the changes - last updated on 30 December 2019

8AM – 9AM


9AM – 9:20AM

Opening Prayer and Welcome Message

speakers Fred  Fred Cordeiro
Executive Director
Clarity Singapore

9:20AM – 9:40AM

Opening Address (added)

Caritas in Mission – Serving our brothers and sisters in Christ


 Opening address Prof Tan Cheng Han    Prof Tan Cheng Han
Caritas Singapore 

9:40AM – 10:20AM

Plenary 1 (please note change of speaker)

Setting Perspectives - Mental Health Landscape in Singapore*^
How prevalent are mental health conditions in our community?
What are some common misconceptions about mental health conditions and faith?
How does one's faith in God play a role in one's recovery journey from mental health conditions?

Increasing our awareness is the first step towards becoming a more accepting community towards individuals with mental health conditions. Join us in Plenary 1 as we work towards a better understanding of mental health conditions and how our faith can play a role in recovery.


speakers Fred     Fred Cordeiro
Executive Director
Clarity Singapore 

10:20AM – 10:40AM

Tea break 

Move to break out track venue

  Choose one of the tracks below

10:40AM – 11:55AM

Plenary 1 - Break Out Track 1^

Let's Talk About Suicide

What do we know about suicide? What can we do to help persons at risk? What are some do's and don'ts when approaching this topic?

Let us gather the courage to have this difficult but long overdue conversation in this break out track.

Ms Christine Wong spent more than 15 years in the mental health sector and 10 years with SOS doing prevention, intervention and postvention work. She will share her experiences and her stories during the break out track.

This session will also include a Q&A segment with Fr David Garcia, OP for participants to ask questions relating to suicide and our church.


speakers ChristineWong  Ms Christine Wong
Executive Director
Caritas Singapore 
speakers DavidGarcia Fr David Garcia, OP

Plenary 1 - Break Out Track 3

When Life Feels Overwhelming – Understanding Anxiety

“I feel anxious all the time, do I have anxiety?”

All of us feel anxious at some point in our lives, how do we know if it is a normal experience or a condition which requires more attention? In this break out track, Dr Goh will share with us the different types of anxiety disorders and how we can better support individuals who are experiencing anxiety.


speakers GohCiping  Dr Goh Ciping
Clinical Psychologist
Clarity Singapore 

Plenary 1 - Break Out Track 2

"You're so OCD!" - What do we know about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

In recent years, the term “OCD” has become a term used casually in daily conversations to describe individuals who have a preference for orderliness or cleanliness among other traits. But what exactly is OCD? How much do we know about this condition?

Come join us in this track where Ms Jackki Yim and Dr Bhanu Gupta will bring us through what exactly is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and provide us with a glimpse of what it is like to live with this debilitating condition.


speakers JackkiYim  Dr Jackki Yim
Senior Clinical Psychologist
Department of Psychology
Institute of Mental Health
speakers BhanuGupta Dr Bhanu Gupta
Senior Consultant
Department of
Mood and Anxiety
Institute of Mental Health

Plenary 1 - Break Out Track 4

Playing Multiple Roles - Being A Youth and A Caregiver

As a fellow caregiver, Evelyn will share with us her own caregiving journey as well as how we can all care for ourselves to better care for our loved ones.

If you are currently journeying with someone experiencing mental health issues and/or would like to learn how you can better support yourself and your loved ones, join us in this track to hear more from Evelyn and other caregivers like yourself!


speakers EvelynChng Ms Evelyn Chng
Caregivers Alliance Limited 

11:55AM – 12:10PM


Move to MPH Level 1

12:10PM – 1:00PM

Plenary 2

Theological Reflection - We Are All Beloved Children of God*^

How do we move towards being a more accepting community? What does the Church teach about how we should view our brothers and sisters who are experiencing mental health distress?

Fr David Garcia will be guiding us in this theological reflection on our identity as God's beloved children and how we can work towards becoming a truly accepting community for all.


speakers DavidGarcia  Fr David Garcia, OP

1PM – 2PM


2PM – 2:50PM

Plenary 3

Cultivating Hope - Adopting a Holistic Approach in Mental Health Recovery*^

Now that we have a better understanding of the mental health landscape in Singapore as well as how the Church teaches us to be more accepting towards individuals with mental health conditions, what’s next?

What do we have in place currently to support individuals with mental health conditions?
What does it mean to adopt a holistic approach in mental health recovery?
As a community, how can we be more supportive towards individuals with mental health conditions?

Join us in this plenary as we learn more about the resources and efforts available in the community to support individuals with mental health conditions.


speakers PeterTan  Mr Peter Tan
Community Psychology Hub

2:50PM – 3PM


Move to break out track venue

  Choose one of the tracks below

3PM – 4:15PM

Plenary 3 - Break Out Track 5^

Living Out Our Christian Identity In the Midst of Sufferings

How do we cling onto Jesus, our living hope, in the midst of our sufferings? In what ways can we live out our identity as a child of God even when it is most difficult to do so?

Come join us in this track with Friar Derrick Yap and Sr Linda Lizada as they share with us how we can live out our Christian identity during the storms in our lives.


speakers DerrickYap  Friar Derrick Yap, OFM 
speakers LindaLizada Sr Linda Lizada, RC

Plenary 3 - Break Out Track 7^

Prayer: Integrating Our Connection with God, Self and Others

Sr Christina will be sharing with us how prayer ties in with our mental health and how it brings our connection with God, ourselves and others together.


speakers ChristinaYeo  Sr Christina Yeo, FDCC 

Plenary 3 - Break Out 6^

Finding Hope In Darkness

In this break out track, both Faith and Gwladys will share with us their recovery journeys and how they found hope in darkness. This track also features an 'Ask Me Anything!' session with Faith and Gwladys.

Come join this track to hear their testimonies on how faith and community help them overcome the storms and work towards recovery.


speakers FaithWong  Ms Faith Wong
Peer Support Specialist 
speakers GwladysTan Ms Gwladys Tan
Peer Support Specialist

Plenary 3 - Break Out Track 8^

Working with Youths

In this break out track, Ms Gwen Koh will be sharing with us some of the challenges faced by youth workers. There will also be a personal sharing on how she used her faith to sustain the work that she does and to bring the love of Christ to the youths that she works with.

This track is open to all conference participants who are currently working with youths (either in work or church setting) and are keen to learn more about how our faith can come in to support the work that we do.


speakers GwenKoh  Ms Gwen Koh
Principal Social Worker
Boys' Town 

4:15PM – 4:30PM

Tea break 

Move to MPH Level 1

4:30PM – 5:15PM

Q&A session
Panelists (to be confirmed): Sr Linda Lizada, Fred Cordeiro, Faith Wong, Gwladys Tan

5:15PM – 5:30PM

Preparation for Mass

5:30PM – 6:30PM

Closing Mass


speakers JohnPaul  Fr John Paul, OFM, JCL

*For all participants
^Aspects of faith will be explored in this plenary/break out track

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