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BOARD MEMBER Dr Christopher Cheok Cheng Soon

Dr Christopher Cheok Cheng Soon

Dr Christopher Cheok is a Senior Consultant with the Department of Forensic Psychiatry at the Institute of Mental Health, Visiting Consultant with the Singapore Armed Forces and a member of the Medical Board of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. His past appointments include being Head of SAF Psychological Care Centre, Clinical Director of the National Addictions Management Service and Head of Psychological Medicine, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. His exposure to peacekeeping missions in East Timor and humanitarian relief during the Asian Tsunami gives him credible experience in the field of psychological medicine and helps us keep a pulse on national mental health issues as well as our work as a charitable Social Service Agency.

CHAIRMAN Mr Joseph Tan Peng Chin

Mr Joseph Tan Peng Chin

Joseph Tan Peng Chin was the Founder, Managing Director and Consultant of Tan Peng Chin LLC, a Singapore Law Firm that does a substantial amount of cross border legal work, until his retirement in 2016. He has been and is still the independent Director of several listed companies in Singapore and overseas. He was a volunteer with the Christian Outreached for the Handicapped and the Roman Catholic Prison Ministry before starting Clarity Singapore in October 2010. He was also a member of the National Cancer Centre's Institutional Review Board. With his various experiences, Peng Chin is able to ensure that Clarity Singapore is properly managed and is able to serve persons suffering from mental health issues to the best of its ability.


Ms Belinda Young Hsien Lin

Voluntary work is very familiar territory for Belinda, having offered her services to a myriad of non-profit organisations for the past ten years. With her extensive accounting experience with both corporate and small businesses here and in Asia, we can trust her to ensure that Clarity Singapore’s accounting practices are in proper order.

BOARD MEMBER Professor Philip Choo Wee Jin

Professor Philip Choo Wee Jin

Professor Choo is the Group Chief Executive Officer of National Healthcare Group. As one of the pioneers of geriatrics in Singapore, Professor Choo has been pivotal in defining the standards of geriatric care nationwide. It is this pioneering spirit and steadfastness that he brings with him to the Board.

BOARD MEMBER Ms Cynthia Phua Siok Gek

Ms Cynthia Phua Siok Gek

Cynthia has over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, and is instrumental in the expansion of NTUC FairPrice supermarkets and convenience stores. Having served Singapore as an elected Member of Parliament for 10 years, Cynthia brings her grassroots involvement and experience to aid Clarity Singapore in our outreach to the people.


Mr Peter Lam

Peter Lam is the Principal & Chief Executive Officer (PCEO) of Temasek Polytechnic. Prior to being PCEO, he spent close to 10 years as Deputy Principal in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Deputy Director in the Ministry of Education. During his time in Education, Peter had been involved with the strategic planning and development of several Universities and the Smart Campus blueprint. Before Education, Peter served in the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Manpower and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.


Mr Peter Chan

Peter Chan is the Founder and Managing Partner of Crest Capital Asia, a regional alternative investment management firm. Peter started his private equity career in 1987 with one of the earliest US private equity firms in Asia before joining a division of ING Barings Asia Private Equity as Managing Director to start its investment programme in Asia and setting up offices in Singapore, Indonesia, India, China, Taiwan and South Korea. Peter is also a Fellow Member of both the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants as well as the Certified Public Accountants of Australia.


Mr Benjamin Yeo

Benjamin Yeo is a Senior Social Worker with numerous years of experience in the mental health field. As a registered Social Worker and certified Addiction Counsellor, Benjamin has worked in various Institute of Mental Health (IMH) departments like National Addictions Management Service (NAMS), General Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

BOARD MEMBER Rev Fr Paul Staes

Rev Fr Paul Staes

With more than 50 years of service as a Missionary Priest, Father Paul Staes has served in several Ministries in different countries.  He was a Professor in Moral Theology in the major seminary of Manila, in-charge of fundraising for CICM missions worldwide in Arlington and Treasurer-General of CICM in Rome. Fr Paul’s service in Singapore spans 3 parishes, as Chaplin in Nanyang Technological University, Prison ministry and ex-Chairman of the Archdiocesan Senate. He is currently the Rector of the CICM District House at Pandan Valley.  Father Paul’s vast experiences and forward-looking approach broadens our mission towards improving mental wellness in the committee.

Rev Deacon Clement Chen

Rev Deacon Clement Chen

Deacon Clement Chen was Ordained a Permanent Deacon for the Roman Catholic Church by the Archdiocese of Oakland, California in the United States of America. Upon his return to Singapore, he was incardinated into the Archdiocese of Singapore and assigned to the Church of the Holy Family for two years followed by another two and half year stint at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. In 2003, he was appointed by His Grace, Archbishop William Goh as the Archdiocesan Financial Administrator. He is also on the Board of Consultors and a permanent Advisor to the Senate of Priests. He serves on the Board of Catholic Foundation, Caritas and ACMI Board of Trustees, ALPS, ACDRP, Archdiocesan Finance and Investment Committees.

Spiritual Director Sr Linda Lizada, rc.

Spiritual Director
Sr Linda Lizada, R.C.

Sr Linda Lizada, R.C. belongs to the Religious of the Cenacle and has been a religious sister for over 50 years. She had lived and worked in many countries and her last posting was in Rome serving as a Councillor in her congregation Generalate for 12 years. Currently based in Singapore, Sr Linda offers spiritual direction, psycho-spiritual workshops, retreats and provides supervision for Spiritual Directors.


Executive Director
Joachim Toh

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