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Clarity Singapore is a Catholic charity that provides services to persons with mental health issues live meaningful lives through support, therapy, acceptance and recovery. 

We aim to help anyone in all walks of life struggling with mental health conditions arising from anxiety and depression including trauma, pre and post-natal, stress, bereavement and loss, relationship and other emotional issues.

We are one of 25 Member Organisations tasked with a social mission for the church and a company limited by guarantee with IPC status.  We are a member of NCSS and work in partnership with AIC to delivery community mental health intervention for the Northern region.  We also collaborate with KTPH THRIVE on community mental health intervention in the Northern region.


A Catholic charity that serves persons with mental health issues to live meaningful lives through support, therapy, acceptance and recovery.



Rebuilding lives, renewing hopes for mental wellness by supporting, caring and facilitating reintegration into the community.


As witness to our Catholic faith, we serve:

  • to uphold the dignity of those with mental health issues.

  • to provide relevant information that facilitates choice of participation.


  • to develop Personal and Family Responsibility by tapping on their resources and strengths.


  • to balance long term improvement with short term relief.


  • to empower rather than create dependency.


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