Clarity Singapore provides psychotherapy and counselling for maternal mental health for women and new parents experiencing Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, and mental health difficulties associated to pregnancy or birth.

The transition to parenthood can be overwhelming and lead to feelings of inadequacy. Fathers may also be affected with postnatal depression. Our therapy services are available for the community, we also provide valuable psychoeducation to support new parents' understanding of their mental health conditions.


Who do we help?

Our team of psychologists and counsellors offer evidence-based psychological assessments and interventions to individuals undergoing mild to moderate symptoms, such as:

•    Low mood, sadness or excessive crying 
•    Fear or anxiety relating to pregnancy or birth 
•    Excessive feelings of guilt and shame  
•    Intrusive thoughts of undesirable things happening to the baby  



Clarity for Moms

Our Clarity for Moms programme provides essential support for expecting and postnatal mothers facing stress and emotional challenges. Led by Cindy Khong, Senior Mental Health Counsellor, this initiative helps new parents adapt to their new roles with compassion, patience, and kindness. As a mother herself, Cindy is passionate about supporting parents through this transformative time. She actively engages in community outreach, partnering with hospitals and social service agencies to broaden our reach and impact for mums and their families. Learn more


About Perinatal Mood Disorders

What can you do now?

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As you are pregnant or have recently had a baby, you would like to know how you are feeling. Please check the answer that comes closest to how you have felt in the past 7 days, not just how you feel today.

Take the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale test below.

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Maternal Mental Health Brochure